Calm like the Sea

The Daily Post’s theme for this week is Elemental. In response to this weekly prompt, I used a photo of the sea which I took last June in Guimaras. 

Last June we had a little trip to Guimaras Island, Philippines. We only had a little time so the only thing we were able to do was Island hopping. While we were travelling from one island to another, I took a photo of this scenery where you can clearly see the horizon.

One thing I liked about this view is how calm the sea was during that time, and the clouds look so fluffy and soft. As I was staring at this scenery, I thought about how the calmness of the sea often reflects our relationship with Christ.

One time when the disciples and Jesus was in the middle of the sea (Mark 4:35-41), a great windstorm arose and the waves started to shake the boat. The disciples panicked and they woke Jesus up from his sleep. When Jesus saw this, He told the winds and the waves to calm down and the storm stopped. Then He turned to His disciples and told them “Why are you so fearful? How is it that you have no faith?” (Mark 4:40)

If our life is like the sea and the storms of life started shaking our boats, how will we respond to it? Sometimes it is easier for us to trust God when the sea is calm, but true faith is revealed when the sea is no longer peaceful.

We have the assurance that no matter how big the storm of life hits us, we need not doubt the power of Christ. The same thing is being told to us “Peace, be still!” when the storms of doubt, fear, and hopelessness hit us.

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